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"A Sea of AFSCME Green" Some 300 Council 4 members deluged the State Capitol May 8 to urge legislators to stand up for working families.


Lawmakers Say Tax Hike Would Have Helped Preserve Spending- Click To Read More


Members of our NP-4 State Correctional Bargaining Unit joined with Rocky Hill community members and lawmakers to protest plans to house sick and elderly inmates and mental patients on the grounds of a former state hospital in a Rocky Hill neighborhood. Click to Read More>>Correctional Unions Member Rally


AFSCME Legislative Conference 2013 

Correction Union Leaders Criticize Nursing Home Plans

Correction Dept. chief expands guards’ roles in policing

Executive Summary - Health Improvement through Employee Control 2


BJS study finds prison population declined in 26 states during 2011

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has released Prisoners in 2011 (NCJ 239808).

Presents data on prisoners under the jurisdiction of federal and state correctional authorities on December 31, 2011, collected from the National Prisoner Statistics series. Details.


This is the recission cut list released by the Governor. There will be another cut list that must be approved by the General Assembly of about the same size ($170 million.) CT budget law demands that these cuts (or revenue raises) get instituted before the end of the year. The cuts that must be approved by the General Assembly are expected to be acted upon around December 18 or 19. It is not yet known when this next round of cuts will be unveiled and whether there will be a public hearing on them or not. Click Here>>RescissionTransmittalMemo


Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, Florence, Colorado has released its findings on PTSD among Correctional Staff. It is the first such study ever done in the United States.
The study conducted by Caterina G. Spinaris, Ph.D., Micheal D. Denhof, Ph.D. and Julie Kellaway, Ph.D., illustrates what those of us in our profession have long known, working in corrections takes a very high toll on those of us who make it a career. Read More>>PTSD Study Results


Both Democrats and Republicans stress that the ability for people to move up the economic ladder to build better lives is at the heart of the American Dream. But new data from the Pew Center on the States pits the Republican tenet on economic mobility against another deeply held Republican belief that unions are a heavy and evil anchor on the economy that must be cut away.  Read More>>Unions Key to American Dream


Here’s a brief Labor Day quiz for you. See if you can identify the author of the following statement: "Economic renewal that places working people and their families at the center of economic life cannot take place without effective unions.” Read More>>Labor Day 2012


According to Luke Leone, President of AFSCME Local 1565, “If Ackert had done his homework he would know that corrupt Gov. John Rowland also attempted to privatize prisons in the same fashion.  Rather than saving money, this inept attempt at privatization was a financial fiasco. The state was forced to pay $2 million to the family of two inmates who died while under supervision at Wallens Ridge in Virginia.” Read More>>Correction Union Leaders Call Out Ackert


Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit renewal read more>>Accidental Death Letter


Bankrupt cities? Don't blame unions

Stockton and San Bernardino were brought down by the most severe housing busts in the nation, and by banks peddling subprime mortgages to poorly paid workers. Read More>>Bankrupt cities


A recent Meriden murder has Republican lawmakers again sounding the alarm over a state policy giving prison inmates the opportunity for an early parole hearing. However, the Malloy administration maintains the law did not result in an early prison release for the man accused of the crime.  Read More>>Republicans Say Risk Reduction Credits Are Too Risky


Reports from Wisconsin about the death of unions have been highly exaggerated. Many anti-union zealots hailed the failure of the Wisconsin recall vote as the beginning of the end of unions. We can’t and we will not allow this to happen. Unions are vital for the progress of the American Dream.  Read more>>The death of unions


A state labor board on Tuesday allowed 500 corrections supervisors to hold a vote to decide whether to cast off their current union in favor of a new one Read More>>Prison Supervisors Allowed To Vote On Union


From Dan Livingston: 

I'm attaching the relevant provisions of SEBAC 2009 and SEBAC 2011 (Revised), since I know people are getting questions as a result of recent press accounts. The accurate information is as follows. 

We had actually required a trust fund be established to begin to pre-fund retiree health care in 2008 in return for letting them go self-insured on pharmacy benefits.   They were required to make a one-time $14.5 million contribution. In SEBAC 2009, we:

(1) Allowed them to defer payment of the $14.5 million until the next year in which a budget surplus was reported as of January 1.    I'm checking on the status of that money and whether given the persistent crisis, we ever hit that trigger.

(2) Required employees with less than 4 years s of 7/1/09 to begin paying 3% towards retiree health care.  That money was to be put int the trust, except

(3) To reduce the short-term budget crisis, we allowed that money to be used to reduce general fund requirements for retiree health care until 7/1/13 rather than being placed in the fund to reduce future retiree healthcare liability.

In SEBAC 2011, we:

(1) Agreed other employees would begin making contributions on 7/1/13.

(2) Agreed that the state would begin making contributions on 7/1/17

(3) Made absolutely clear that money placed in the fund could only be used to fund retiree healthcare for people who make contributions to the fund, and that this obligation was permanent and irrevocable.

(4) We did not change (because it would have been a new cost to the general fund) the provision allowing them to use the money to fund current retiree health care until 7/1/2013.

The press stories have emerged because a recent OFA analysis left out the provision of SEBAC 2009, which continues under SEBAC 2011, allowing them to use the money to pay current costs until 7/1/13.  We have been told by the administration that they understand this obligation, that the money has heretofore been used to pay for current retiree healthcare costs, but that they will be placing it in the trust fund as required beginning on 7/1/13. Obviously we will monitor this.”  Read More>> Use of Retiree Trust Fund


“Council 4 AFSCME and The State of Connecticut agreed to a process of expedited arbitration for a number of AFSCME members who had been dismissed from state service for receiving benefits under the Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (D-SNAP).  Read more>> DSnap June 13


Children's Hospital And Insurer Settle Lengthy Contract Dispute >>Read more


Members Kick Off the 2012 Ection Season read more>> Kick Off 2012


This years annual outing will be held Saturday August 11th at Quassy Amusement Park. Click to see flyer>> Local 1565's 2012 Outing


Labor Night at the Rock Cats Saturday, June 30, 2012 Gates Open: 5:05 PM Game Time: 6:35 PM  read more> Labor Night at the Rock Cats  


Nearly 5,000 AFSCME delegates will convene this summer in Los Angeles to set the union’s course for the next two years at the 40th International Convention. Convention delegates will meet June 18-22 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Message from the International Secretary-Treasurer

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Prison Bed Profiteers: How Corporations Are Reshaping Criminal Justice in the U.S. Christopher Hartney & Caroline Glesmann read more>>  prison-bed-profiteers1


Department of Adminstrative Services chanded the CTO job spec read more>> CTO Revised Spec


The Office of the State Comptroller, in an effort to clarify the rules about dependent health care coverage. read more>> Notice Legally Sepatated-Divorced


The 9th Connecticut Veterans Memorial Picnic is set for Saturday, May 26, 2012 at the State Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT.  CT Veterans Picnic


Sheriff: Gang Started Prison Riot in MississippiBy HOLBROOK MOHR JACKSON, Miss. Sheriff Gang Started Prison Riot in Mississippi


Stress takes toll on Oregon prison workers; twin projects to plug research gap on their health. Stress takes toll on Oregon prison workers


Important HEP Update!!! READ NOW! 04-May-2012
This is an important update on the State of CT Health Enhancement Program (HEP).


For Connectict Governor, A Less Willing Legislature 08-May-2012
In the second hectic and contentious year of Dannel P. Malloy's tenure as governor, Connecticut lawmakers will race teh clock on Wednesday to conclude a legislative session characterized by efforts to.  Connecticut Governor


State workers ignore new health care rules 06-May-2012
Thousands of state workers and their dependents are not satifying the requirements of a new health care plan. They have until the end of this month to get into compliance or they risk be shifted into... » Click for article


Lembo Certifies $200M Deficit 01-May-2012
State Comptroller Kevin Lembo certified that Connecticut would end the year with a nearly $200 million budget deficit, requiring Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to issue a deficit mitigation plan to the General... » Click for article


Ex-State Inmate Charged In North Carolina Triple Slaying, Two Months After Release 10-April-2012 A former Connecticut inmate who had been convicted of assaulting prison guards three times has been charged in a brutal triple killing in rural North Carolina, about two months after walking out » Click here for Hartford Courant Article


Corrections Unions Launch Media Campaing on Safety Concerns  CT Prisons Closing