Workers Compensation Page

Worker Comp Rep's                                                        
Brett Owen 860-625-1314(Corr/Rad, York)                               
John DeVito 860-625-4710(HCC, Brooklyn,Corr/Rad, York                                
Gerry Carden 203-589-7543 (BCC, New Haven, Garner)


FORM_ Mileage Worksheet for Medical Treatment - Examination - Physical Therapy - Laboratory Test


Adjuster and Phone Numbers and Emails
Adjusters can be reached by dialing 860-256-(their ext #)

Vicky Roy x3428

Shirley Burns x3427

Lori Staneski x3422

Luis Pedroza x3436

Carla Pusatai x3424

Rhonda Foster x3432

Prime Provider Info 1-800-243-2336

Prescriptions-TPS 1-800-541-5234 fill at CVS, AFS, Stop& Shop, Arrow, A&P, Kmart


Workers Comp Contract with Gallagher Bassett >>Click to Read

Worker Comp Memorandum NO 2012-05

Worker Comp Memorandum NO 2012-04

Worker Comp Memorandum NO. 2012-03

Update WCC Medical Protocols July 1, 2012

Practice Book - Depositions

5-156c Erroneous Payments

5-169 disability retirement