State Employee Resources

This section is intended as a guide for our state employee members regarding health and pension benefits, and related issues concerning the 2011 SEBAC agreement.Scroll down to Additional Resources for key links to the latest information.

Open enrollment this year runs through June 7, 2013. During open enrollment, you may change medical and/or dental plans, add or drop coverage for your eligible family members, or enroll yourself if you previously waived coverage. You may also enroll in the Health Enhancement Program (HEP), if you have not done so already. Any changes you make are effective July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 unless you have a qualifying status change.

Active Employee Health Care Options

Medical Costs - Biweekly

Dental Costs - Biweekly 

Dependent Eligibility Requirements

For Retirees: 

Retiree Health Insurance Open Enrollment Planner    

Retiree Open Enrollment Fair Schedule        

Retiree Dependent Eligibility Requirements         

Retiree Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare Eligible State Retirees

Additional Resources: 

SEBAC 2011

Health Enhancement Program          

Oct. 2011: New Maintenance Drug Program

SEBAC Takes Action on Retirement Offer, Longevity Bonuses 

Members Ratify SEBAC & Unit Agreements