Arbitrator Rules on Longevity Grievance - Arbitrator Roberta Golick ruled on SEBAC's grievance over longevity bonuses paid to state managers in 2011. Golick denied the grievance, noting that unionized state employees had their longevity frozen for 2 years under the SEBAC 2011 agreement, while managers had their longevity frozen forever. Read Award>>Longevity Grievance Award

Stipulated Agreement State Sponsored Health Insurance for Dependents

August 2012: Revised Vision/Dental AgreementSEBAC and the State reached the followin stipulated agreement regarding outstanding vision and dental issues:

In-Network Dentists Must be Used for Free Dental Cleanings. However, those members in United Health Care's enhanced dental plan who used out-of-network dentists for one or two cleanings before 7/1/12 can receive full reimbursement or arrange payment in full. Click Here>> SEBAC STIP Vision Dental

Stipulated Agreement in Settlement of Pension Grievance S-16 & S-17

Dependents under State Spossored Health Insirance Plan-Read more>>General Notices 2012-03 

SEBAC 2011 agreement click link to read>> SEBAC 2011.

 SEBAC Bylaws click link to read>> SEBAC Bylaws.

 SEBAC V Tier II 5 year vesting click link to read>>SEBAC V Tier II 5Y ear Vesting.